Une exploitation laitière biologique a besoin d'informations d'étiquetage systématisées et faciles d'accès grâce à sa solution personnalisée BarTender.

Alimentation et Boissons

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has created challenges for food producers and processors. FSMA requires companies to enact preventive controls, record testing and safety data for each lot of product, track a product’s journey throughout the supply chain — and be able provide this information to regulators within 24 hours of a request. All of this puts unprecedented pressure on an industry that has traditionally used manual methods for data capture and tracking, including one organic dairy producer in the US Midwest.

This dairy's new BarTender-driven system enables compliance with the data capture and retrieval conditions of FSMA, enabling an agile information management solution that allows rapid response to requests for records and information from regulatory agencies.

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