Introducing the BarTender Mobile App for Android

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022
By Carolyn MacLeod, Seagull Scientific Director of channel marketing


We hear it from customers and partners all the time, “Everyone loves their BarTender!” It’s easy. It’s reliable. It integrates with virtually every ERP, WMS, and MES which makes automation easy. With the launch of the new BarTender Mobile App for Android devices, the power of BarTender software is available everywhere your workers need it to be. 

Companies large and small in all industries all over the world have trusted BarTender to improve worker productivity, meet regulatory compliance, and reduce costs associated with poor labeling practices. Now with the BarTender Mobile App, they can enjoy easy, fast and secure mobile printing of documents, barcode labels and RFID tags at their source of work – saving steps, precious-hard-to-come-by label stock, time and money.

The BarTender Mobile App puts label printing directly into the hands of the people who use the labels to positively impact your business. Whether it’s in production, warehousing, a retail store, or in the field, here are the benefits of printing at the source of work:

  • Reduce unnecessary steps — which add up to large costs over time — and increase label accuracy by providing your operators with forms and predefined data entry options.
  • Give your users consistent access to the most up-to-date template versions, ensuring accuracy, reducing label waste and saving recall-associated costs.
  • Print directly to your existing network printers, utilize driverless printing, or print to PDF. Our turnkey options meet all your printing needs without time-consuming manual configuration.

The BarTender Mobile App is validated for the mobile devices your teams use every day – handheld, wearable, or vehicle mount computers or tablets — it’s easy to use and works with the features and apps already installed.

Illustrations of the different devices that can run the BarTender Mobile App.


What is the BarTender Mobile App?

The BarTender Mobile App provides label, tag and document printing via Android devices.


How does the BarTender Mobile App work?

The BarTender Mobile App auto-discovers Bluetooth or IP-connected printers and connects the device to the BarTender Print Portal server, where the print operator can select labels and documents from a pre-defined library and send them to printers from Zebra, TSC Printronix, Epson, Honeywell, Brother, Toshiba, SATO, CITIZEN and others.


What can the BarTender Mobile App do?

Download the BarTender Mobile app to access the powerful features of the desktop version of BarTender’s Print Portal and Print Station anywhere you have an internet connection. Print labels anywhere, anytime, wherever you need them.


How can the BarTender Mobile App improve my business?

With the flexibility that mobile, on location, real-time printing offers, you’ll see the improvements in productivity that impact your bottom line. Layers of security, including authentication and role-based access to BarTender documents keep your system locked down and safe, helping you maintain mission-critical security.

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