Delivering a full spectrum of label printing applications

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022
By Peter Hernandez, Seagull Scientific Enterprise sales engineer


The supply chain havoc of the last three years has shown that companies need to be nimble. To succeed, they need technologies in place that enable immediate response to shifting conditions. This has required, in many cases, investment in disparate technologies to meet a variety of needs, resulting in an assortment of user experiences and interfaces.

And at the same time, our customers are challenged with finding enough workers to keep their operations running. They’re struggling to hire and train, trying to make do with fewer employees performing more job functions.

Every process consistency saves time and money in systems operation, training and management.

With the release of the BarTender Mobile App, BarTender now provides three distinct printing experiences, all with a simple, intuitive and consistent user experience across the full spectrum of label printing technologies. We’re giving companies the label printing tools that improve agility, responsiveness — and the bottom line.


Locally hosted labeling

There’s always going to be a need for locally hosted label printing — there’s no replacement for existing onsite printing technologies on production lines. Over 100,000 companies globally are using BarTender to print labeling, amounting to over 40 billion labels a year printed mostly in a local environment, and these infrastructures aren’t going away.


Web-enabled printing

Web-based printing is essential for cloud environments, and companies are finding great use cases for BarTender’s Print Portal. They’re driving uniform labeling across the value chain by using BarTender to provide a web portal that’s branded with their own logo and colors, where their trading partners and suppliers can access compliant labeling. They’re finding the process efficiencies that come with consistency, and enjoying the agility of instantaneous change management — edits for price, new regulation, shifting production sites — can be cascaded out to the entire operation globally by a simple edit to master data.


Mobile label printing

BarTender is the only mobile-enabled enterprise labeling software available, offering a dedicated Android app for use in production environments, and our customers are already saving valuable resources using our Mobile App. Research from Frost and Sullivan show that 58 minutes per worker are gained daily as a result of using smart devices, with a 34% productivity boost, and BarTender users are leveraging the App and enjoying these benefits of printing anywhere, any time, on any mobile device:


Speedy adoption means reduced training costs

The BarTender Mobile App runs on the mobile devices you and your teams use every day. It’s familiar and intuitive right out of the box. It’s easy to learn and it works with the features and apps already installed on your facilities’ Android devices.


No expensive tech resources or development time needed

The app automatically discovers and connects to any Bluetooth, IP-connected network and local printers. IT teams can focus on other things while warehouse teams manage printing themselves.


Real-time on location labeling increases speed and accuracy — and saves money

By eliminating time wasted trekking to a printing station, our customers are gaining the process efficiencies of printing the right document on the spot. The right label gets on the right box. There’s less label media wastage, fewer RMAs due to incorrect labeling, lower risk of a recall. Products get where they need to go the first time.



What is the BarTender Mobile App?

The BarTender Mobile App provides label, tag and document printing via Android devices.


How does the BarTender Mobile App work?

The BarTender Mobile App auto-discovers Bluetooth or IP-connected printers and connects the device to the BarTender Print Portal server, where the print operator can select labels and documents from a pre-defined library and send them to printers from Zebra, TSC Printronix, Epson, Honeywell, Brother, Toshiba, SATO, CITIZEN and others.


What can the BarTender Mobile App do?

Download the BarTender Mobile app to access the powerful features of the desktop version of BarTender’s Print Portal and Print Station anywhere you have an internet connection. Print labels anywhere, anytime, wherever you need them.


How can the BarTender Mobile App improve my business?

With the flexibility that mobile, on location, real-time printing offers, you’ll see the improvements in productivity that impact your bottom line. Layers of security, including authentication and role-based access to BarTender documents keep your system locked down and safe, helping you maintain mission-critical security.

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