Seagull Scientific is the exclusive owner of the BarTender templates and offers to you access to the templates through this web page to assist in your evaluation of our BarTender products. Seagull Scientific grants you a license to create as many sample documents as you might like by downloading one or more of our BarTender templates. If, by either your subscription to or your purchase of a license to the BarTender software you have agreed to the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA), then such terms are also considered part of this license, you will be able to print and to use these templates. If you are using and accessing these templates without either a subscription to or a purchase of a license to the BarTender software, Seagull Scientific only grants you a license to download and view the templates, but you do not have a license to print or otherwise to use the BarTender templates for any business or personal purpose other than viewing and modifying for evaluation.

As a condition of the above-described limited license, Seagull Scientific requires you to provide your email address and therewith to register to create an account with us to access our BarTender template library. By registering your account, you agree to allow us to track and collect data about which templates you download as part of our ongoing product development efforts.

You agree that documents you create using our templates may not be printed or otherwise used in any tangible or other electronic format without having first subscribed to or purchased a BarTender license. You (as a Business or an individual, as applicable) retain all rights and ownership of your Content. We do not claim any ownership rights to your Content; you maintain sole access and control over all Content in your personal account or personal profile (except as otherwise indicated in the Privacy Policy). “Content” means any text, information, or material, such as electronic documents, or images, that you upload and import into, or create with the BarTender Services or Software in connection with or through your use of the Services or Software.

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