Maintenance and Support Renewal

Live support, free updates and more

BarTender Maintenance and Support protects your business against unexpected disruptions, and enables your software to grow as your business grows.  With your purchase of BarTender 2019, one year of standard support is free.

Renew your Maintenance and Support before it expires to maintain access to its crucial benefits. Your BarTender reseller partner can help you. If you don’t know which BarTender reseller to contact, we can help you find one.

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Maintenance and Support provides you:


Technical Support

BarTender's Standard Maintenance Agreement provides you 24/7 access to our global team of technical experts via email, and phone support during your business hours, 24/5, wherever in the world you’re located.

free updates

With BarTender Maintenance and Support, you receive every new version and update at no additional cost. We’ll notify you via email when updates are released so that you can always take advantage of our latest advancements and features. 

Edition and Printer upgrades

As your business grows, your software needs grow. With Maintenance and Support, you can always upgrade to a more powerful version of BarTender, or increase the printer count on your license.

To upgrade your BarTender license to a more powerful version, contact your BarTender reseller partner, or contact us and we can get the process started for you. Find a BarTender Reseller

Easy Renewals and Estimates

We’ll email you two months before your Maintenance and Support expires reminding you to renew by contacting your BarTender reseller partner.

If you’d like to estimate the cost of Maintenance renewal for your BarTender license, you can log into your BarTender portal account. Get an estimate

If you’d like to renew today, contact your reseller partner, or contact us and we can get the process started for you. 

Find a BarTender Reseller


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