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If you are updating an existing system to BarTender 2016, we strongly recommend that you follow best practices and test the software in an offline (sandbox) environment before deploying it to your live production environment.

BarTender 2016 includes significant updates and changes, including the way it integrates with other business systems and handles command lines and other triggers.

You may find these white papers helpful for understanding and testing the new Integration Builder, which replaces the previous Commander:

Best with Drivers by Seagull™

BarTender works with any true Windows printer driver, but our free Drivers by Seagull™ give you superior performance by leveraging the special features of label and card printers. Drivers by Seagull are widely recognized as the fastest and most reliable Windows drivers in the world for label and card printers. 

Download the free driver for your printer now.

When It's Time to Buy

Choose the Right Edition
Load the template designs you created into the Trial Edition and select Help, Edition Requirements from the main menu to see which edition supports your templates. Be sure to check the feature comparison chart to ensure you select the edition with the features you need.

Ask About Software Maintenance
software maintenance agreement is the most cost-effective way to ensure your copy of BarTender is up to date with the latest features. Ask your reseller or click here for details.

Learn more about how to buy or how to upgrade BarTender software.