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Three things to know before installation

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A license code is required for activation - see below

Be sure to test or sandbox Preview 2 before live deployment
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A word on our Preview releases: These are only intended for use by customers that need early access to features and/or fixes.  The software is supported in all types of environments, including trial, sandbox, and production. However, the best practice is to validate the software in trial or sandbox environments before deploying to production environments.

Activating Preview 2

Customers with an existing BarTender 2019 environment:

Before installing Preview 2, your existing BarTender 2019 license will need to be refreshed with the activation server.

To refresh your license, open BarTender Administration Console in one of your existing BarTender 2019 installations, click on  “Licensing” in the left menu, right click on your current license, and click “Refresh License”. The “Latest Supported Version” column for your license should now say “BarTender 2021 Preview”. 

After the existing license has been refreshed, please proceed to install BarTender 2021 Preview 2 on a separate Windows image on your network.

Once the installation completes, the BarTender Licensing Wizard will launch (or just start BarTender once the installation finishes to see the wizard pop-up). At the wizard, click “Next”, then choose one of the licenses found on your network. You can also “Search for existing License…” if your license isn’t immediately found. (Do not click the “Activate a new License…” button you will see at this dialog).



In order to activate Preview 2 against your existing environment, your BarTender license is required to be under an active maintenance and support contract. If no license is available, you can retrieve a BarTender Free Edition license code by following the instructions in the "Customers without an existing BarTender 2019 environment" below.

Note: If you activate against your existing BarTender license, you will still be licensed based on the number of printers used. If you require additional printer licenses for testing, it is recommended that you retrieve a Free license code to use instead. The Free license will allow you to print to up to 2 printers.

Customers without an existing BarTender 2019 environment:
If no BarTender 2019 environment is available, you can retrieve a BarTender Free Edition license code (aka PKC) for activation. Log in or sign up into the Customer Portal, choose the Downloads section which will then display a banner about getting BarTender for free. Then, select the “Get my free license code” button (see image below.) Once you have the code, start the Preview 2 installation and enter the code when prompted.

Note: this is for illustration, not an actual license code.

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