Creating Cannabis Labels with Seed & Beyond and BarTender®

二月 02, 2021
By Seed And Beyond


The Cannabis industry is growing and expanding day by day with more states legalizing medical and recreational Marijuana. One of the major challenges in the Cannabis industry is to keep track of the regulations and adapt to the changes so as to remain compliant.  This also includes the regulatory requirements that need to be followed by Cannabis labels – from symbols, warning messages to color, textual and design requirements. Hence it is important to have an on-demand cannabis labeling and barcode printing that makes it easy for cannabis businesses to run effectively. Seed and Beyond seed to sale platform is now integrated with Seagull Scientific’s best-in-class labeling software, BarTender®. Cannabis businesses can use their data in our seed to sale software platform and create marijuana labels on-the-go.


Printing your Own Custom Cannabis Labels On-Demand

Cannabis labeling regulations vary across different states. When you expand your Marijuana business across different locations, you need to make sure that they are compliant throughout the entire supply chain. There are several factors to consider when designing and printing Cannabis labels.

  • Cannabis label layouts and information vary depending on the usage of the label (product/warehouse/shipping etc.).
  • Not all labeling systems support the complexities of Cannabis industry and hence it is important to choose the right software that would support the unique needs of every Cannabis grower, processor, distributor and retailer.

Seed and Beyond Cannabis ERP software, integrated with BarTender®, is equipped with features that will allow you to transform your data from the seed to sale platform to a custom label. You can now design your custom labels with variable fields in BarTender and connect it to your data in Seed and Beyond. The software will automatically input the right information into the label fields and get them printed with Barcode, increasing the marijuana labeling efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. You can instantly create adult-use and medical marijuana information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, documents, packing slips, and plant tags that drive all cannabis companies—from microbusinesses to global enterprises.


How to Create Cannabis Labels with Seed and Beyond and BarTender®?

Step one

BarTender offers a number of pre-defined templates that you could choose from and save time spent on creating labels. Select a template from the library in BarTender as shown below.


Step two

Select the data fields in Seed and Beyond and click on “Print Label” from the platform. You can access the platform using any device, anytime, anywhere which makes it easier to custom print your Cannabis labels on-the-go.


Step three

The data in Seed and Beyond automatically gets transferred to the fields in BarTender and the Cannabis labels are printed with just a click. Right from the Product Name, Barcode, License name, number, universal symbols, logo, date, nutrition facts to warning statements, every bit of information can be customized and printed with ease using Seed and Beyond.



Seed and Beyond Integration with BarTender for Cannabis Label and Barcode Printing

Seed and Beyond is a vertically integrated end to end Cannabis ERP system that helps you manage your entire Cannabis business from a single platform. With ton of other features available in the platform, one of the main aspects of Seed and Beyond seed to sale software is its ability to integrate seamlessly with best-in-class enterprise labeling software like BarTender®, to help print regulated labels. Here are the benefits of using Seed and Beyond integration with BarTender® for your labeling:

On-Demand Labeling from seed to sale platform

You can manage the printing directly from the seed to sale platform using any device.

Centralized control of label and Compliance

Any changes to your label can be immediately deployed since everything is controlled from a centralized platform. This improves labeling accuracy, system security and regulatory compliance.

Manage Variable Data

You can easily manage variable data without additional programming for conditional printing via templates. This means you can create multiple labels from a single label design and the corresponding data will be passed from Seed and Beyond.


There are a number of security options available to prevent any unauthorized access.

Here are a few compliant Cannabis labels printed using Seed and Beyond integrated with BarTender. Each Cannabis label has different set of fields, text and design layouts as seen below.








Having the right Cannabis labeling system in place—one that is secure, proven, reliable and compliant, enables a single source of truth data management, and that scales and adapts to evolving Cannabis business practices/regulations — can be the difference between a successful labeling system that simplifies the supply chain and a complicated one that increases costs. Learn more about our on-demand cannabis labeling for your products. Get in touch with us today.

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