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Deploy the world’s most trusted labeling solution for printing, marking, and coding 

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The world’s largest, most dynamic supply chains know they can rely on BarTender. Ready-to-use label design, advanced database connectivity, and industry-leading integrations provide flexible, on-demand printing, marking and coding—for businesses of any size, across virtually every industry. 

Easy label and RFID tag design 

The BarTender Designer’s easy-to-use, easy-to-learn 100% WYSIWYG intuitive interface allows you to design and print labels in record time. Simply choose from 100+ 1D and 2D symbologies, 50+ drawings, and 200+ predefined label templates from common industries and use cases. 

Print from anywhere, anytime 

Print your labels securely from your browser, dedicated print station, and mobile devices your teams use every day. We support over 8,000 printer drivers to help you achieve optimized high-performance printing. 

Integrate to any business application 

Automate your label and document printing with integration to any business system or custom applications. Our flexible integrations allow you to choose the method that best suits your application including our BarTender REST API.  

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Easily connect your data 

With over 20 data sources available, you can connect your label designs to automatically source data and images from your database or external files. We also support data connection to cloud data sources including Excel Online, Google Sheets, and Azure SQL Database, and QuickBooks Online. 

Achieve centralized control and compliance in mission-critical environments 

Standardize and centralize your label printing with a central, secure repository of label templates and documents  

Improve printer and print job management across your entire organization with track-and-trace capabilities 

Secure your labeling workflow with role-based security and user/group permissions 

BarTender has helped over 250,000 organizations transform their labeling


“BarTender has provided the missing automation link between our operators and our ERP system and is providing 100% accurate and fully compliant labels day after day. Not only is it saving time, it is also eliminating the specific product knowledge required to generate labels needed in the past."

Chris Atwood, General Manager
CBS Foodtech

Revolutionize the way you manage your printing, marking, and coding workflows.

See why thousands of companies have trusted BarTender as their labeling solution. Contact us now to start improving your label operations today.



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