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21 November 2008

What's Up at Seagull

The BarTender .NET SDKs
Support C# & VB.NET and Integrate
with Microsoft Visual Studio

Before the BarTender SDKs started shipping, the only way to programmatically control BarTender from within other software was through BarTender’s ActiveX Automation interface. This continues to be an extremely powerful and flexible way to control BarTender. However, .NET programmers now have a faster, easier option. Using the pre-written source code and supplied library functions provided by the BarTender SDKs, C# and VB.NET developers can seamlessly integrate label printing functionality into their applications without having to write from scratch the most commonly-needed routines necessary to automate BarTender.

Support for Microsoft's Visual Studio includes:

  • Intellisense-assisted typing to speed up the writing of source code.
  • Easy insertion of SDK assembly references into your new .NET projects.
  • All referenced BarTender SDK libraries are automatically copied to your project at compile time, which simplifies the installation and distribution of your software.

The BarTender .NET SDKs are supported by a truly exhaustive help system. However, in the following sequence, you can see how the "Intellisense" feature in Microsoft's Visual Studio works with the BarTender SDKs to help you use the available library functions without your having to look up their syntax.


The BarTender SDKs work with Microsoft's Visual Studio to help you rapidly build your code expressions.

For more information, please read the BarTender .NET SDKs white paper. Even better is the extensive documentation built into the SDKs themselves, which are downloadable for free as part of the BarTender Trial edition. (Be sure to select one of the "Full BarTender Suite" download options.)

Please note that production use of the SDKs requires the BarTender Enterprise edition or better and Visual Studio .NET 2005 or higher.

To learn about controlling BarTender from other programs without writing code, please scroll to and read the "Commander" white papers available on our web site.


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