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21 November 2008


Seagull Releases SDKs for Controlling BarTender®

Seagull Scientific has released two new software development kits (SDKs) that allow C# and VB.NET developers to rapidly add BarTender label printing functionality to other programs. The new ".NET" SDKs began shipping on November 13th, 2008 as part of BarTender version 9.01 (build 2524). More details...

Free Update Available
Owners of version 9.0 and earlier builds of version 9.01 can update for free as follows:

The ".NET" SDKs help you rapidly build code expressions.

  • Download the latest Trial edition or SR3 Service Release and install it over the existing copy of BarTender 9.0 or 9.01.
  • The Product Key Codes (PKCs) from existing copies of BarTender 9.0 and 9.01 are detected automatically and continue to be valid. (They do not need to be re-entered.)

BarTender Translations Updated for
Features that were new in Version 9.0

Versions 9.0 and 9.01 of the BarTender Label Management Suite were initially released with English-only support for all newly-added features. With Service Release 3 of BarTender version 9.01 (build 2524), the new features and applications have been updated to display in all 23 languages supported by BarTender.

Please see the previous section for details on how to update for free.


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