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14 May 2010

What's Up at Seagull

Price and Edition Name Changes
Introduced with BarTender 9.3

Powerful New Weighing Scale Support, Improved Data Entry Forms, Expanded IBM WebSphere Functions and more!

Our USA offices began shipping version 9.3 of our BarTender label and RFID software on Friday, May 14th, 2010. Our European and Asian sales operations will begin shipping on Monday, May 17th. Trial editions of version 9.3 became available on Seagull's web site during the morning of the 14th (USA, west coast time).

In addition to numerous new features, version 9.3 introduces new names for some of the editions and a number of price changes.

RFID Price Point LoweredRFID available at lower prices

RFID support is now included in the newly-named "Automation" edition (previously called "Enterprise"). This effectively cuts Seagull's entry-level price for RFID support almost in half, from $1,495 to $795.

One Edition Name Phased Out;
Two Product Names Changed

There is no longer an edition called "RFID Enterprise." Instead, the editions previously called "Enterprise" and "RFID Enterprise" have now been combined into the new "Automation" edition at prices comparable to what the "Enterprise" edition used to sell for. Also, the previously-named "Enterprise Print Server" edition is now called "Enterprise Automation." (It continues to support RFID.)

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Understanding the Name Changes

Previously, we had three editions that began with the word "Enterprise." This has been replaced with two editions: "Automation" and "Enterprise Automation."

BT 9.3 Retiering Diagram
BarTender's three "Enterprise" editions have been replaced with two "Automation" editions.

The reasons for the name changes are:

  • Having three editions containing the word "Enterprise" demanded too much presales explanation.
  • Introduction of the new name "Automation" significantly clarifies which editions can be controlled from within other software.
  • We have reserved the word "Enterprise" for only our most powerful edition.

Our "Automation" edition has NOT had any of its powerful features removed. However, the Enterprise Automation edition continues to provide the broadest enterprise management functions, most powerful integration capabilities, most complete security system, and features for centralized and web-based printing. For more details on the differences between the editions, please see our interactive on-line Features and Editions Comparison Chart.

"Multiuser" Professional Parts Discontinued

Special part designations for "Multiuser" (3-user through 25-user) BarTender Professional "editions" have been discontinued. Please click here for more details, including alternative options for supporting multiple users.

Prices for BarTender Version 9.3

Here is a quick summary of the price changes for BarTender version 9.3:

  • Basic edition: Price unchanged.
  • Professional edition: Price unchanged.
  • Automation edition (previously named Enterprise): Pricing for the 3-printer entry-level product is unchanged. Prices have been modestly increased for the larger printer count licenses.
  • Enterprise Automation edition (previously named Enterprise Print Server): Prices for the 3-printer and 5-printer licenses have been reduced. Prices have been modestly increased for the 10-printer through 20-printer licenses. The price increase rises to roughly 1/3rd more in comparison to the old price for our quantity 100-printer licenses.

If you would like the new reseller pricing sent to you, please contact your Seagull sales representative.

Tons of New Features!

scale display
A sample on-screen scale display from a data entry form in BarTender 9.3.

BarTender version 9.3 introduces:

  • By far the most powerful support for weighing scales available in any label software package.
  • Much more powerful and easier-to-design print-time data entry forms.
  • Bidirectional print communications for IBM WebSphere.
  • Bar code improvements.
  • "On-the-fly" object automation in the middle of a print job.
  • Numerous user-interface enhancements.

For an overview of these new features, see page 2 of this newsletter. For a detailed, in depth discussion, please see the What's New in BarTender 9.3 white paper. There is also a separate white paper especially dedicated to the setup and use of Weighing Scales.