How to Upgrade BarTender

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Depending on the type of upgrade you need, you can be using your new version of BarTender in as little as 10 minutes.

Minor Upgrades

Includes Service Releases and Minor Updates

Whether or not you have a software maintenance contract, service releases and minor updates are always free and do not require you to contact anybody.  You simply download what you need from the Service Releases web page and install it on the same PC where an existing copy of BarTender is already installed. You do not need a new Product Key Code (PKC) because your newly installed BarTender detects when a valid PKC is already in place.

Examples of minor upgrades:

  • "SR" Service Releases: For most service releases, the version number will stay the same and only an "SR" number will change. For example, the first service release for BarTender 9.3 was referred to as "BarTender 9.3 SR1." The next service release would be "BarTender 9.3 SR2."
  • Minor Version Updates for Older Software: Minor updates are rare but do occur. For example, version 8.0 was followed by 8.01. (Note that the "hundredths digit," the digit two places to the right of the decimal point, is the only one that changed.)

Major Upgrades

The three types of "Major Upgrades" are described below. (Depending on your needs and the version and edition of BarTender you already own, you may need more than one upgrade.)

  • Major Version Updates: This is when any digit in the BarTender version number other than the "hundredths digit" changes. There are two classes of major version updates:
    • Full Version Update: The number to the left of the decimal point changes. (For example, updating from version 9.4 to 10.0.)
    • Point Release Update: The number just to the right of the decimal point changes. (For example, updating from 9.3 to 9.4.)
  • The cost of major version updates depends on whether or not you have a software maintenance agreement.
    • With a software maintenance agreement, major version updates are free. To get an upgrade, please see the Receiving Maintenance Upgrades section of the Software Maintenance web page.
    • Without a software maintenance agreement, "conventional" update discounts apply. (Please contact your reseller for actual prices.)

The remaining two categories of major upgrades are always paid upgrades.

  • Edition Upgrades: Step up to a more advanced edition of BarTender. For example, upgrade from the Professional to the Enterprise Automation edition.
  • Printer Add-Ons: Increase the number of printers you can use with your Automation or Enterprise Automation edition of BarTender.

Purchasing your Upgrade

Your reseller can sometimes get your software upgrade on the way to you the same day you order it. As discussed below, you can even get your new Product Key Code ("PKC") by e-mail and download your upgrade. Having your software properly registered at least 24 hours in advance of your order is the best way to avoid delays.

Supporting your Reseller

Seagull Scientific does not sell direct to end-users. However, we maintain a large international network of loyal, hardworking resellers.  Most will appreciate the opportunity to help you upgrade. However, if you encounter a problem with your existing reseller, please contact Seagull Scientific and we will put you in touch with another reseller that can help you.

Product Information Required from You

For paid upgrades, you must provide the following:

  1. Proper Registration: Your software must be properly registered. If you have not already registered your software, upgrade processing may be delayed by as much as 24 hours. You can register right now at:

  2. Find your Product Key Code (PKC):
    • Most Editions: In almost all cases, when you flip open the case to your BarTender CD, your existing PKC is easily seen on the inside panel of your CD's cover artwork.
    • Multiple License Purchases of BarTender: If you originally purchased a single CD of the Professional edition, but it came with multiple PKCs, then each PKC will be on a separate card.  (BarTender Professional is no longer sold in this configuration.) 
  3. Your Version number and Edition: Please go to the Help menu within BarTender and select the About option. Write down the edition name and version number for later reference when ordering your upgrade.

Ordering your Software

To complete your upgrade order, please:

  • Provide your reseller with the product information described above.
  • Explain which type(s) of upgrade(s) you want.
  • Make arrangements for payment.

Once your reseller has accepted your method of payment, unless you request otherwise, you will be shipped a new CD, a new printed copy of your product key code, and possibly a new manual (depending on the type of upgrade). (Please note that your old PKC number will be disabled in our master Activation server. This will prevent you from performing future installs of the already-existing copy of your software.)

Getting your New Product Key Code Right Away!

If you are in a big rush, you can make arrangements with your reseller to receive your new PKC by phone or e-mail. This way, you can download and activate your upgrade prior to receiving your physical software shipment. After getting your new PKC from your reseller, simply

download the latest "Trial Edition"

from Seagull's website and install it. Enter in your new PKC when asked, and happy labeling!