BarTender's Latest Features

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 10.1

With BarTender 10.1, we have made the best printing and marking software even better by introducing a long list of features and improvements to support more complex designs and solve some of your toughest real-world problems.

Download the free, fully functional Trial Edition of BarTender 10.1 right now, or keep reading to find out how we improved the most trusted software for designing and printing barcodes, labels, cards, RFID tags and more.

New "Layers" Capability for Superior Design Flexibility

The new layers capability brings unmatched versatility to your label and card designs. You can hide or print layers based on specific conditions. You can add mandatory content to a layer and then lock it with a password so it cannot be changed by other designers. And you can use layers to print content to specific panels of security cards, including monochrome black, UV fluorescing, and overlay panels. (Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)

The World’s Most Comprehensive Barcode Support

BarTender 10.1 extends the world’s best barcode application with 34 more symbologies (95 total), including iQR, GS1 QR and many additional 2D, circular and linear codes, plus more health care and postal symbologies.

Enhanced Serialization

BarTender 10.1 improves serialization flexibility, including serialization per-page or per-job, or when a data source or database field changes. It can also now reset counters for each database record, or when a data source or database field changes, or when the time or date changes.

New Global Data Fields

Global data fields can share data sources among all documents that use the same BarTender system database — letting you, for example, share an incrementing serial number with documents across your network. (Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)

New Custom Page Templates

When you print multiple pages of labels, BarTender can now print data outside the labels, such as printing "Page 3: Labels 21-30" in the header or footer. (Available in the BarTender Professional edition and higher.)

New Conditional Printing

BarTender 10.1 makes conditional printing easy, so your designs can support more complex conditions. Tell templates, layers and even objects "when to print" based on a single data source or database field, or on multiple conditions — all without scripting. (Available in the BarTender Automation edition and higher.)

Redesigned Print Station and Web Print Server

Print Station can now show documents from multiple file locations. Web Print Server now looks and feels like BarTender’s print wizard. Both applications now support Print Preview, plus the ability to use documents from Librarian.

Improved Usability and Design

It’s easier than ever to design and print in BarTender 10.1:

  • Align objects easily by snapping them to other objects, not just to the ruler
  • Copy style and barcode properties from one object to another — or even between templates and documents — with the new Format Painter
  • Connect lines together to more easily move label-segmenting lines or create custom shapes
  • Hover your cursor to see which object would be selected if you clicked
  • Edit pictures after they have been embedded in a document
  • Apply image processing effects such as cropping permanently
  • Center objects in rectangular regions
  • Show the names of data sources and database fields on objects that use them
  • Enter on-screen edit mode for text objects with a single click, so you can replace the text more quickly
  • Enter dates more easily with the new calendar/date picker

Additional New Features

BarTender 10.1 also introduces:

  • Enhanced Select Barcode browser, including search and alternative names
  • Better support for print-and-apply engines, including the ability to print an unlimited quantity until cancelled
  • Encoding of pictures and other binary data into barcodes, RFID tags and smart cards for security applications
  • Creation of named data sources without a specific object — effectively creating a “variable” that can be copied between documents
  • And dozens of other new and enhanced capabilities

For more details, read the What’s New in BarTender 10.1 White Paper, or download the free, fully functional Trial Edition of BarTender 10.1 right now!

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 10.0

For complete information, please see the What's New in BarTender 10.0 white paper.

Introducing card printing, truly professional drawing functions and major user-interface improvements, version 10 expands BarTender’s industry leadership way beyond just label design and printing.

Card Printing and Encoding!

BarTender version 10 adds powerful features dedicated to the design, printing and encoding of ID cards, employee security badges, membership cards and just about any other plastic card. You can even encode smart cards and magnetic stripes! (Please see separate brochure.)

Brand New Properties Dialog

The Properties dialog (previously called Modify) is much faster and easier to use, including:

  • Instant changes without having to click OK
  • Quicker access to object properties
  • New "Transforms" pane makes it easier to modify imported data
  • New Data Source wizards
The navigation pane on the left of the new Properties dialog makes it quick and
easy to find the options you want to customize.

New "Select Barcode" Browser

Now it’s easier than ever to select exactly the barcode you need. Quickly preview more than 400 preformatted, ready-to use barcode components. Choose from numerous "Common Barcodes" or drill down into folders of different application-specific barcodes.

Other new features include:

Drawing Example: Create the graphic on the left in two or three seconds. In another 25 or 30 seconds, customize gradients and other parameters as shown on the right. For more details about BarTender version 10, please click here.
  • Powerful, High-End Drawing
  • RFID Support Now in Professional Edition
  • Data Type Support
  • Easier Object Creation
  • Better Text Formatting
  • Improved Graphic Support
  • More Flexible Document Format
  • New simplified Installer
  • Expanded Librarian integration
  • New print-time "Search and Replace"
  • Available automatic borders for barcodes, text and graphics
  • Export and print logs from History Explorer
  • Improved weighing scale options
  • Expanded printer function in the Print SDK
  • Shell Extension now supports x64
  • Support for Print Quantity commands beyond four billion
  • And much, much more!

Full White Paper
Not all features are available in all editions. For complete details about BarTender version 10.0, please see our What's New in BarTender 10.0 white paper at:

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 9.4

For complete information, please see the What's New in BarTender 9.4 white paper.

Two-Sided Label Design and Printing

Two-Sided Printing

BarTender 9.4 lets you create separate designs for the front and back of your labels, so you can take full advantage of the latest "duplex" label printers.

View the Front and Back of your Label Designs

Powerful New "Rich Text" Object

The new WYSIWYG editor gives you truly professional text formatting. Everything shown in the editing window below is actually a single Rich Text (RTF) object. (The new Rich Text object also supports HTML and XAML.)

Click to enlarge image.
Click to Zoom
The new Rich Text object makes it easier to satisfy
complex industrial label requirements.

Embedded Revision Log

Embedded Revision Log

When enabled, the new Embedded Revision Log feature saves into the document (BTW File) a detailed history of all label format changes. This includes a list of objects created and changed, when the changes were made (and by whom), and an optional user-supplied comment. The Revision Log can be used by itself or in combination with Librarian’s sophisticated workflow management and security functions to create a remarkably powerful document control system. (Revision Log requires Professional edition or better. Librarian requires Enterprise Automation edition.)

Live Database View in Label Design Area

Although BarTender has long provided full "WYSIWYG" display of text, the "Print Preview" function used to be the only way to see live data from your database. Now you can see your live data merged into the correct locations of your labels during your entire design session. The convenient Database Navigator Toolbar lets you easily verify the appearance of any record.

View Any Record

New Database and Librarian SDKs

Two additional SDKs now let developers integrate other programs directly with Librarian and the BarTender System Database. So you can directly access information about past print jobs, document versions, and even reprint past label jobs – all from within your other software.

Plus More!

Additional enhancements have been made to:

  • Barcodes
  • Prompting
  • BarTender UI
  • Batch Maker
  • Security Center
  • Access and management of the SDKs
  • The Online Help System

Full White Paper

Not all features are available in all editions. For complete details about BarTender version 9.4, please see our What's New in BarTender 9.4 white paper at:

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 9.3

For complete information, please see the What's New in BarTender 9.3 white paper.

In addition to numerous new features, version 9.3 introduces new names for some of the editions and a number of price changes.

RFID available at lower prices

RFID Price Point Lowered

RFID support is now included in the newly-named "Automation" edition (previously called "Enterprise"). This effectively cuts Seagull's entry-level price for RFID support almost in half, from $1,495 to $795.

One Edition Name Phased Out;
Two Product Names Changed

There is no longer an edition called "RFID Enterprise." Instead, the editions previously called "Enterprise" and "RFID Enterprise" have now been combined into the new "Automation" edition at prices comparable to what the "Enterprise" edition used to sell for. Also, the previously-named "Enterprise Print Server" edition is now called "Enterprise Automation." (It continues to support RFID.)

Understanding the Name Changes

Previously, we had three editions that began with the word "Enterprise." This has been replaced with two editions: "Automation" and "Enterprise Automation."

BT 9.3 Retiering Diagram
BarTender's three "Enterprise" editions have been replaced with two "Automation" editions.

The reasons for the name changes are:

  • Having three editions containing the word "Enterprise" demanded too much presales explanation.
  • Introduction of the new name "Automation" significantly clarifies which editions can be controlled from within other software.
  • We have reserved the word "Enterprise" for only our most powerful edition.

Our "Automation" edition has NOT had any of its powerful features removed. However, the Enterprise Automation edition continues to provide the broadest enterprise management functions, most powerful integration capabilities, most complete security system, and features for centralized and web-based printing. For more details on the differences between the editions, please see our interactive on-line Features and Editions Comparison Chart.

"Multiuser" Professional Parts Discontinued

Special part designations for "Multiuser" (3-user through 25-user) BarTender Professional "editions" have been discontinued. Please click here for more details, including alternative options for supporting multiple users.

Prices for BarTender Version 9.3

In addition to the numerous enhancements to version 9.3, some prices have changed. Here is a quick summary:

  • Basic edition: Price unchanged.
  • Professional edition: Price unchanged.
  • Automation edition (previously named Enterprise): Pricing for the 3-printer entry-level product is unchanged. Prices have been modestly increased for the larger printer count licenses.
  • Enterprise Automation edition (previously named Enterprise Print Server): Prices for the 3-printer and 5-printer licenses have been reduced. Prices have been increased modestly for the 10-printer through 20-printer licenses and somewhat more for our quantity 100-printer licenses.

For more information about the latest pricing, please contact your Seagull Scientific reseller.

Tons of New Features!

scale display
A sample on-screen scale display from a data entry form in BarTender 9.3.

BarTender version 9.3 introduces:

  • By far the most powerful support for weighing scales available in any label software package.
  • Much more powerful and easier-to-design print-time data entry forms.
  • Bidirectional print communications for IBM WebSphere.
  • Barcode improvements.
  • "On-the-fly" object automation in the middle of a print job.
  • Numerous user-interface enhancements.

Full White Paper
For more details about BarTender 9.3, please view the full-length white paper:

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 9.2

For complete information, please see the What's New in BarTender 9.2 white paper.

In addition to Microsoft-certified Windows 7 compatibility, BarTender version 9.2 introduces three new companion applications, support for scanners and cameras, new integration features and more.

"Librarian" Provides Secure Revision Control

The brand new BarTender Librarian lets large groups of users, designers and administrators cooperatively and securely manage the storage and revision of label formats and other files (Requires Enterprise Print Server edition). More details...

  • Improve Security: Store label formats in a secure database instead of "loose" on your hard drive.
  • Manage Workflow: Specify custom states (such as "Proposed" and "Published") and which users can make changes.
  • Track Revision History: Store each new document version with user comments and a timestamp.
  • Rollback: Revert to earlier versions when desired.

"Batch Maker" Lets You Combine
Multiple Label Jobs

The new Batch Maker utility makes it easy to specify a list of multiple label formats to print as a single "batch." Batches can be printed from within Batch Maker itself, as well as from BarTender, Print Station and Windows Explorer. More details...

Commander Now Returns Status Response
Programs that control BarTender using the Commander middleware application can now receive back important status information, either by reading a TCP/IP port or a file. More details...

"Print Station" Launches Print Jobs
with a Single Mouse Click

The new BarTender "Print Station" utility gives non-technical users easy point-and-click label printing without ever having to see the inside of a label design program. More details...

  • Incredibly Easy: To launch a print job, users simply click on the desired label format, Batch Maker job or BarTender XML script.
  • Optional Prompts: Fully supports BarTender's optional pop-up "prompt" screens.
  • Full Screen Mode: Allows PCs to be used as dedicated print stations.

Scanner and Camera Support
As an alternative to importing existing files when adding graphics to your labels, BarTender can now acquire images directly from any TWAIN or WIA device. In addition to printing images as part of a label, you can take pictures of existing labels and use them as design templates when converting from legacy software packages. More details...

Full White Paper
For more details about BarTender 9.2, please view the full-length white paper:

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 9.1

For complete information, please see the What's New in BarTender 9.1 white paper.

The latest release of Seagull Scientific's industry-leading BarTender label software introduces new functions especially dedicated to permissions control and record-keeping. Other new features include support of Windows "Supplementary Character" functions for the display and printing of additional Asian characters.

Brand New "BarTender Security Center"

BarTender Security Center introduces a variety of advanced security functions, including:

  • Multi-level permissions management of users and groups.
  • Login overrides.
  • Label format encryption.
  • Optional logging of permission requests (Enterprise Print Server only).
  • Request for and logging of Electronic Signatures (Enterprise Print Server only).

BarTender Security Center comes with all Enterprise editions.  (Electronic signatures and the logging of permission requests require the Enterprise Print Server edition.)

Essential for Compliance with CFR 21, Part 11 and Other Security Guidelines

The permissions management, logging functions, and electronic signature support provided by the new BarTender Security Center are essential to satisfying the CFR 21, Part 11 guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the security guidelines of other agencies and organizations.

For more details about BarTender Security Center, please view the dedicated, full-length white paper:

Numerous Additional Features

Please see our What's New in BarTender 9.1 white paper for details on additional new features, including:

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 9.0

For complete information, please see download the What's New in BarTender 9.0 white paper.

New Features include Reprint, Media
Usage Tracking, and Enterprise Print Management

The biggest new release in over ten years of our BarTender label and RFID software began shipping on September 10, 2008. The free, downloadable Trial Edition is available now, as well as brand new brochures and an extremely detailed "What's New" white paper.

New features and modules now available in the BarTender Label Management Suite are described below.

"Printer Maestro" Delivers True
Enterprise Print Management

Front and center in version 9.0 is the "Printer Maestro" application for enterprise print management, which delivers a variety of powerful print management functions that are simply not available using Windows' native functionality. For example, it provides users of any Windows program (not just BarTender) with a single application window in which to view the status of all printers and print jobs for all computers on a network.
More details...

Printer Media Usage and Parts Inventory Tracking

The Enterprise Print Server edition of Printer Maestro adds printer media usage tracking, providing users on-screen "meters" that show the quantity of labels and ribbon remaining for each printer. The inventory of printer media and printer parts (such as heads, memory, font cartridges, etc.) can also be maintained in the associated Inventory module. E-mail and text message alerts can automatically be transmitted to warn about low media in printers and low inventory in storerooms. Resellers can even set themselves up to be copied, so that they can learn when users may be low on printer supplies and ready for new stock. More details...

Detailed Logging to a Database

Version 9.0 of BarTender also introduces detailed logging of print job information and application messages to a database. To support high-security audits, logged information includes who printed each job, any warnings or errors that may have been generated, what label data was printed, and an optional software-generated image of each label. More details...

Inspect and Audit Past Print
Jobs Using History Explorer

Seagull's new History Explorer application makes it easy to search through print job information and messages stored in the BarTender System Database and "drill down" into selected records for a closer look. Inspect print job times, label data, label images, error messages, and a wealth of additional information. More details...

Reprint Lost or Damaged Labels

The Reprint Console application lets you navigate through past print jobs and select any combination of labels for reprinting. History Explorer also offers some label reprint functionality, although not as extensive as Reprint Console. More details...

New ".NET" SDKs for Controlling BarTender

Two new software development kits (SDKs) allow C# and VB.NET developers to rapidly add BarTender label printing functionality to other programs. More details...

New Integration Features

Version 9 continues BarTender's long-standing position of leadership in the vital area of integration with other software. More details...

  • New ActiveX Automation Capabilities
  • New XML Script Capabilities
  • New Commander Capabilities

More New Features, including Support for Larger Networks

For more details on these additional new features, please see the dedicated section in our What's New white paper.

  • Enterprise Support for up to 8,000 Printers
  • Read Label Graphics Directly from a Database Field
  • Manually Load and Execute XML Script from Inside of BarTender

For Additional Information

Please take a look at the "What's New in BarTender 9.0" white paper, our most detailed "What's New" document ever. In addition to a wealth of technical information on BarTender 9.0, it also includes details on our updated marketing support.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 8.0

The "Enterprise Print Server" edition (introduced in version 8.0) includes many powerful capabilities for integration and centralized printing. BarTender's user interface has been extensively upgraded in all editions and new printer drivers released. For complete information, please download the What's New in BarTender 8.0 white paper.

Powerful New Centralized Printing Capabilities

Use a single copy of the Enterprise Print Server edition installed on one server to process and distribute label printing requests from numerous users and software programs in a large enterprise.

  • Output to any printer on a LAN, WAN and even Internet printers.
  • Licensed to support an unlimited number of users.
  • Includes all features in Enterprise and RFID Enterprise.

Exciting Web Printing Capabilities from any Browser

With our brand new BarTender Web Print Server, you can use any web browser to scroll through preview images of your label formats. Simply "click" to print.

  • Print to any network printer or properly setup internet printer.
  • Print-time data prompts designed in BarTender are transmitted to your web client for proper display and data entry.

Support for PDA's and Pocket PCs for Better Mobility

BarTender Web Print Server allows for small screen display and works with any operating system or hardware platform that can run a web browser.

Significant XML Enhancements Accelerate Integrations

The Enterprise Print Server edition of BarTender and Commander deliver a variety of powerful new XML capabilities:

  • BarTender XML Script is a new language optimized especially for easier, higher speed remote automation of BarTender.
  • XML transforms using XSL style sheets simplify conversion of any external XML format into almost any data format, including BarTender XML Script.

TCP/IP Socket Connectivity Improves Remote Automation

The Enterprise Print Server edition of the Commander integration utility now supports TCP/IP-based triggers and label data transmission.

Major User-Interface Enhancements in All Editions

  • Print-time prompt dialogs now support list boxes and drop down lists.
  • The Toolbox now supports "auto-hide," more advanced docking functions, and more convenient tool pane switching.
  • Most toolbar icons have been upgraded to a more colorful, more 3D look, providing greater attractiveness and quicker user recognition.
  • An even greater level of menu customization is now provided.

Other New Features

  • New graphics library supports 70 additional graphics formats and provides better CMYK color handling for JPEG graphics.
  • Enterprise Print Server makes print job verification (rather than simply job submission verification) available to ActiveX integrators.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 8.0 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.75

Now Tested and Approved for Operation on Windows Vista

BarTender version 7.75, Service Release 2 (released January 18) is now certified by Seagull Scientific to run on Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. Users of earlier versions of BarTender 7.7x should click here for a free update.

Oracle XML Label Request Support

The Commander utility in the BarTender Enterprise package can now detect and parse XML generated by Oracle's "Oracle Warehouse Management" and "Oracle Mobile Supply Chain" applications. For more details, please see the white paper "XML Integration with Oracle's WMS and MSCA" at the web address below.

XML-based Label Printing Automation

Using the same integration support we developed for Oracle's ERP applications, any application can automate label jobs by passing an XML file to Commander. The XML file can specify a label format name, label data, the number of label copies, a printer and a print job name.

Modify Printer Code

The new Printer Code Modifier feature gives users the ability to make automated changes to the printer code generated by a printer driver. Printer code can be modified during normal printing, when exporting Printer Code Templates, and when downloading to data-entry keyboard terminals.

Enhanced Printer Code Template Support

  • Improved support for SAPscript-ITF, including release 4.6C.
  • Support added for data-entry keyboard terminals from TSC and TEC.
  • Export directly to devices such as printers and keyboard terminals.

New Advanced Data Sources

  • Label Object String supports sharing of an object's entire data string with another object.
  • Printer Code Template Field is now a selectable data source. This makes it easier than ever to have certain data supplied by other software or hardware after the printer code has been output by BarTender.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.75 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.74

XML-Enabled Printer Support

Many printers can now directly accept XML data packets containing ready-to-print text strings and the name of a label format pre-stored in the printer. Print commands are not used and middleware is not needed, so SAP/R3, Oracle (WMS, MSCA, etc.), and other applications can directly output label jobs.

BarTender generates label templates for XML-ready printers from Datamax, Intermec, Printronix and Zebra, or you can customize the output to support other printers.

New Media Handling and Enhanced Cutter Functions

Provides greater control over page breaks, pausing and label cutting. These actions are triggerable by events (such as new print job or label copy), by sensors (such as Label Taken Sensor), or by changes in label data.

RFID Additions

  • RFID stocks added for Intermec, SATO and others.
  • RFID tag images added for Impinj, Rafsec and Avery Dennison.

Code 128 Enhancements

  • The "code set" for Code 128 barcodes can now be set manually.
  • The exporting of Code 128 and UCC/EAN-128 barcodes in printer code templates has been improved. (See new driver features on other side for more information.)

New Design Objects

Draw perfect circles and stretch ellipses to any height-to-width ratio.

Other User-Interface Enhancements

  • Barcode components in Toolbox organized into folders for easier selection.
  • Page Setup offers more advanced page orientation options and effects.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.74 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.72

BarTender's RFID Enterprise Edition Simplifies RFID Encoding

BarTender is now available in a fourth edition, "RFID Enterprise," in addition to the existing Enterprise, Professional and Basic editions. The RFID Enterprise Edition becomes the new highest-end offering in Seagull Scientific's line of label design and printing software.

  • The RFID Enterprise Edition includes full-featured programming of RFID "smart tags" in addition to all the familiar features of Enterprise Edition.
  • Supports all major RFID tag types.
  • On-screen display of tag image prevents placement of label objects in undesirable locations.
  • Support is provided for all EPC-standard RFID tag data formats as ready-to-use BarTender components. Your own custom RFID tag data formats can be quickly saved as RFID components for future use in other label designs.
  • Data in RFID objects can easily be shared with text and barcode objects. This allows scanning using both RFID and barcode hardware, providing redundancy in the event of a non-functioning tag.
  • RFID label stocks are provided as part of BarTender's built-in label stock database.

New Animated Tutorial

  • New users can accelerate their learning curve with the new tutorial accessible through the BarTender help menu or on our web site.

Object Locking

  • Prevent unwanted changes to your designs by instantly locking or unlocking any label object in position.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.72 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.7

Full-System Unicode Support Provides an Easier, More Powerful way to Read and Print International Characters.

  • A single text object or data substring can contain text from multiple languages.
  • Import data from databases in which the language varies from field to field and record to record.
  • Print languages that are supported only by Unicode.
  • Take advantage of printer-based Unicode fonts for high performance printing of labels with multiple languages.*
  • Copy and paste text with multiple languages to and from other applications.
  • Access files, printers and servers whose names, paths and network locations contain any international characters.*
  • Read from databases that have international characters in the names of the server, database, user, password, tables and fields.*
  • Improved support for Windows' Input Method Editors for typing international characters.
  • Print subscript and superscript characters.
  • All Seagull Scientific software applications now support instant switching of the user-interface between international languages (including some situations that previously required a reboot).

More Font Style Options

Font Style Emulation lets you choose bold and italic font styles even with fonts that do not natively support these styles.

Expanded Input and Output Data Encoding Options

Several character encoding standards have been added:

  • Unicode (UTF-16)
  • Unicode (Big Endian)
  • Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Many language encodings

This allows for more flexible database reading, BarTender job logging, E-mail messaging and printer code export.

Improved Reading Order Support

Benefit from greater control over the appearance of text that mixes right-to-left languages (such as Hebrew and Arabic) with left-to-right languages.

Support for Micro QR Code

This very dense 2D code is great for encoding more data and international characters in tight spaces.

* This feature not available when used on Windows 98.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.7 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.5

Easier User Interface

  • New wizards speed beginners through label setup
    • Starting a new label design
    • Choosing the right label stock, label rows, columns, margins, etc.
    • Users can still choose manual label setup if preferred
  • Wizards for power users too
    • A simpler way to combine barcode data from multiple data sources
    • Easy organizing and processing of EAN.UCC Application Identifiers.
    • Simpler data "substring" management.
  • Quickly preview and print label designs without opening formats
    • More detailed thumbnail preview provided by BarTender
    • Detailed thumbnail views now also available in Windows Explorer
    • Quickly print a format by right-clicking its previewed image, and selecting
    • "print."
    • "Auto-completion" for filenames typed into dialog boxes

Enhanced Database Connectivity

  • OLE DB data sources now supported. (ODBC still supported.)
  • New wizard simplifies connecting to a database

New Software Activation

  • Online activation—provides an easy, secure way to authenticate software licenses.
  • No more hardware keys for Enterprise Edition

User-definable Background Images

  • Specify a background label image to appear "behind" your label design
  • Also add a background color
  • Automatically "bleed" backgrounds beyond label edges to ensure full coverage in case of label slippage or poor printer registration

Support for Printer Clocks

  • Time and date stamps can now be read from the printer's real time clock
  • Existing use of computer's clock still supported

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.5 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender Version 7.1

New Barcodes Supported

Version 7.1 introduces two important new symbologies, RSS and EAN.UCC Composite, both of which support the AIM "Small Symbologies" initiative for improved product labeling. Support has also been added for the high density barcode Telepen and the two dimensional Aztec symbology.

Export BarTender Printer Code

When it is not possible to have BarTender be the print engine, you can use the Enterprise edition to design labels and produce Printer Code Templates (PCT) for later use by other systems. Uses include SAP, key pad devices, and custom programs running on any operating system.

Enhanced Text Features

Now you can easily size "rich text" (text consisting of different fonts and font sizes) as easily as you can simple text – just click and drag the sizing handles on the text box. You can also have BarTender "auto size" the text to the optimum point size required to fit it into a desired predefined area.

Improved Data Handling

  • You can use the new Query Prompt Ordering dialog to control the order of print-time query prompts.
  • Additional VB script functions and objects: The UCC Application Identifier function assists in formatting application identifier data strings. An "E-mail Object" is now available to create custom e-mail notifications of various data conditions and printing events.

For more details, please see the What's New in BarTender 7.1 white paper.

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 7.0

(Click here for details.)

Streamlined Label Design

  • Custom Component Library for easy re-use of fully customized label components
  • Drag and drop creation of all objects, including lines, boxes, and graphics
  • Drag and drop barcodes from expanded library of barcode formats
  • One-degree rotation of boxes, lines, text, and graphics
  • Industry stock database for quick selection of more than 2,500 pre-configured page settings - or customize and save settings for future use
  • Hundreds of industrial graphic symbols for electrical indications, hazardous materials, textile care, and more
  • Bearer bar support for the Interleaved 2-of-5 barcode symbology

Advanced Text Features

  • On-screen editing of text
  • Rich Text formatting with option of sourcing data to different parts of a label object
  • Auto-scale text to fit the width of the text box
  • User-definable tab support in text objects
  • First line indent and hanging indent for paragraph text objects
  • Inter-paragraph spacing

Time-Saving Print Preview

  • Print Preview with external data sourcing displaying full-page image(s) of complete print job

Fast Database Configuration

  • Drag and drop data linking of label objects to databases, VB scripts, system date/time, or pre-defined static values

Powerful Integration Capabilities

  • E-mail Triggers added to Commander
  • POP3 e-mail support added to messaging for all applications
  • Improved user interface and System Service Interface for Commander
  • Setup and run BarTender processes under specified user account using Commander
  • Enterprise message handling in Commander displays, logs, and sends e-mail messages

Enhanced Support Options

  • Redesigned on-line help system using HTML Help for all applications
  • 100% language-translated in 20 languages with addition of Hungarian
  • Installer updated including new on-line product registration feature

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 6.2

Label Design

  • Auto-sizes text to fit inside a rectangle
  • Exports objects and labels using 16 million or 256 colors
  • "Typefaces by Type" option displays fonts in groups by type (i.e., device, TrueType/OpenType)
  • Script drop-down control allows text to be displayed using its proper character set
  • Supports font aliasing


  • Supports MicroPDF417
  • Supports custom selection of start and stop characters in Regular and Full ASCII Code 3 of 9 and Codabar
  • Supports TCIF Labeling Standards

Database Options

  • Reads text files generated in other languages
  • Reads "fixed width" fields in a text file


  • Automatically e-mails any BarTender or Seagull License Server message to a user
  • Auto fixes page set-up settings as needed when switching out printers
  • Enhanced network installation
  • Installation CD provides access to user manuals (now available in 19 languages), white papers, driver information and more

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 6.1

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  • New Enterprise and Basic Editions
  • Direct Interface to SAP
  • Password Protection
  • Support Expanded to 20 More Languages
  • Enterprise-Level Message Handling
  • Maximum Windows Compatibility Using Microsoft's Latest
     "Installer" Technology
  • Additional Ready-to-Print Compliance Labels
  • Enterprise Edition's Commander Integration Utility:
     -Provides integration capabilities you trigger by simply creating
      a data file
     -Runs multiple instances of BarTender for faster printing
     -Monitors multiple data sources simultaneously
     -More powerful integration through execution of Java, Visual Basic
      scripts or batch files
     -Allows substitution of variables
     -Operates as an NT/2000 service

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 6.0

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At last, the kind of powerful, flexible data connectivity you'd expect to have to get from a dedicated reporting tool, such as "Crystal Reports," instead of your label printing software.

Among the more powerful new features is simultaneous access to multiple tables on different systems. So you can (for example) query an Oracle database on a Unix server, a dBase table on an NT server, and a straight text file on a local system – all at the same time.

There´s also a new Database Setup Wizard which brings a remarkable new simplicity to the task of specifying which database table(s) and fields you need to access. And our ActiveX Automation interface has been expanded too. The new features include...

Database Features:

  • Database Setup Wizard
  • New Record Picking Capabilities
  • Multiple Table Support
  • Read Multiple Databases
  • On-Screen Browse of Databases, Tables and Fields
  • Read Field Name Headers from Text Files
  • Custom Delimitation of Text Files
  • Define Queries with Data Entry and Validation at Print Time
  • User-Definability of Entire SQL Statements

Enhancements to BarTender´s ActiveX Automation Capabilities:

  • Single ActiveX Call for Writing Data to BarTender Label Objects
  • Access to New Database Features
  • Extraction of Graphic Images of Labels

New Barcode Symbology:

  • Support for the "KIX" Postal Code

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 5.4

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Version 5.40 marked the first release of our Professional Integrator edition, with new and more powerful capabilities for running BarTender with other software, including:

  • ActiveX Automation
  • Data Detector
  • Automated Printer Selection
  • Print Job Logging

The four features listed above are available in the Professional Integrator edition only. 5.4 also added support for circular and arc text to all editions of BarTender. (5.3 already supported circular text but had only been released internationally.)

Version 5.41, released in mid-January 1999, added support for the Maxicode 2D barcode symbology. (Click here for details.)

Version 5.42, released on May 25, 1999. Added support for QR Code and a number of international postal codes. A Character Entry Assistant simplifies the typing in and barcoding of control characters and other special characters. Improved metric system settings. Conversion from a view-only to a view and edit status bar. Additional sample compliance label formats for UPS shipping. Also adds the ability to save out label designs to a format readable by older versions of BarTender. (Click here for details.)

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 5.3

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5.3 was only released in "International" editions. Therefore circular and arc text were not released in the "domestic" (USA and Canada) editions until version 5.4 (see below).

  • Circular and Arc-Shaped Text

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 5.2

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  • Data Validation & Error Checking
  • Easier, More Flexible Data Sourcing
  • Min & Max String Length Functions
  • Improved, Easier VB Scripting
  • Data Trimming/Truncation Functions

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 5.1

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  • User-Designable Data Entry Forms
  • Data-Sourced Graphics
  • Support for Visual Basic Script
  • New Types of Serialization
  • Prompting for all Data Source Types
  • Print Wizard
  • White on Black Printing
  • Status Bar
  • Improved Font WYSIWYG
  • Non-Printing Label Objects
  • Automatic Restart of Print Jobs
  • Comments for Label Objects

Summary of Features Added with BarTender 5.0

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  • True 32-bit Windows Application
  • Real-time Onscreen Resizing
  • Faster Design and Printing
  • 32-Bit ODBC Database Support
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo Command
  • Object Oriented Data Field Setup
  • More Powerful, Easier Page Setup
  • Multiple Concurrent Design Sessions
  • Right-Button Menus Simplify Tasks
  • Easier Cut and Paste Between Labels
  • Tool Bars Can Be Moved/Reshaped
  • Thumbnail Previews of Saved Labels
  • Tool "Tips" Provide Instant Hints
  • Tracking of Laser Label Start Position
  • Three Tool Bars Instead Of One
  • Hundreds of New Help System Links