BarTender 'Getting Started' Manuals in your Language

Latest Version: The latest available BarTender manuals are listed in the table below.

The help system for BarTender 10.1 is also available online (currently English only).

Older Versions: Click on these links for older BarTender manuals:

To See Your Updated Manual from within BarTender: After you download the desired PDF file, it is easy to access it from within the Help menu of your installed copy of BarTender. Simply copy the downloaded PDF file to the following folder on your computer’s hard drive:

C:\Program Files\Seagull\BarTender\

(If you would like to display a manual from within BarTender in a language that is different than the language for which you installed BarTender, you will have to rename the downloaded PDF file to match the one in your BarTender folder when you copy the file.)

More Detailed Technical Information: The help systems of the various applications are always the best source of detailed technical information.  Numerous technical white papers are also available on a variety of topics.

Language Size
Česky (v10.1) Czech 1.4 MB
Dansk (v10.1) Danish 1.2 MB
Deutsch (v10.1) German 1.2 MB
English (v10.1) English 1.2 MB
Español (v10.1) Spanish 1.2 MB
Français (v10.1) French 1.2 MB
Italiano (v10.1) Italian 1.2 MB
Magyar (v10.1) Hungarian 1.4 MB
Nederlands (v10.1) Dutch 1.2 MB
Norsk (v10.1) Norwegian 1.2 MB
Polski (v10.1) Polish 1.4 MB
Português (Brasil) (v10.1) Portuguese (Brazil) 1.2 MB
Português (Portugal) (v10.1) Portuguese (Portugal) 1.2 MB
Suomi (v10.1) Finnish 1.2 MB
Svenska (v10.1) Swedish 1.2 MB
Türkçe (v10.1) Turkish 1.4 MB
Ελληνικά (v10.1) Greek 1.4 MB
Русский (v10.1) Russian 1.4 MB
ภาษาไทย (v10.1) Thai 1.2 MB
한글 (v10.1) Korean 1.4 MB
日本語 (v10.1) Japanese 1.5 MB
简体中文 (v10.1) Chinese (Simplified) 1.6 MB
繁體中文 (v10.1) Chinese (Traditional) 1.5 MB